Welcome to the CGNA Blog!

The CGNA Board of Directors are featured in a screenshot of a Zoom meeting gallery at a recent Board meeting.

Dear CGNA members,

Our board members offer you a sincere welcome to the new CGNA blog. We will share new posts
monthly on our website, with the goal of keeping you connected with everything happening in our
Association across Canada. We are so pleased to thank you for your work as a gerontological nurse.

You are part of one of the largest specialty practice nursing groups in Canada. Our volunteer-driven board is dedicated to CGNA’s mission: to promote excellence in gerontological nursing through leadership, knowledge, and scholarship. We are currently seeking new board members!

Our conference is approaching quickly now, and we look forward to meeting with many of you in
person in Niagara Falls, April 20-22, 2023. You can save with early bird rates until March 6, 2023 if you haven’t registered yet — CGNA members save even more on their conference registration. View the full program, meet the keynote speakers and register on the conference website: https://CGNA2023.ca  

We have updated our membership website – please note, you can now select automatic renewal.
Don’t forget as a CGNA member, you have access to all our online resources:

  • Education webinars are archived and available on demand (free for members)
  • CGNA Gerontological Nursing Standards of Practice and Competencies (4 th Edition, 2020), which are publicly available on our website
  • CGNA’s own peer-reviewed journal, Perspectives (on our website and searchable through EBSCO)

We wish you all the best. If you would like to get involved with our Board, please reach out to us at:
[email protected].

The CGNA Board: Elaine, Lori, Julie, Therese, Lindsay, Shelley, Edythe, Melanie, Valerie, Carla, Katie,
Sylvie, Brandy, Jennifer, and Kelly, and Anthony (Association Management)

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Welcome to the CGNA Blog!
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