Leaders in Gerontological Nursing: Carla Wells

Current and former CGNA presidents pose for a photograph in front of the CGNA banner and provincial flags at the CGNA2023 conference.

Dear CGNA Members, 

This past nursing week, we’ve been reflecting on our nursing journeys and the people who helped us along the way. We acknowledge and applaud the leaders who have built and still support the community of gerontological nurses in Canada. Let us introduce you to one!

Carla Wells is a nurse who, just like you, is committed to the people around her. Over several decades, her dedication has had a significant impact. 

Some examples of her service include:

  • current Board Member representative for the Newfoundland and Labrador Gerontological Nursing Association (NLGNA). She has also served NLGNA in both President and Secretary roles. She held several roles in CGNA, including as CGNA President, and 3 terms as Secretary 
  • participated in four cycles of revision to the CGNA Gerontological Nursing Competencies & Standards of Practice
  • best practice leader for several important geriatric syndromes, including prevention, assessment and treatment of pressure injuries, restraint reduction, and bowel elimination management
  • co-chair for several of CGNA’s national conferences, and attended 20 out of 22, including our most recent in Niagara Falls (see the photo of CGNA past, current, and future Presidents – Carla’s in the centre with her hands together)

Carla has been recognized as a life member of CGNA, but more than that, an inspirational mentor to many gerontological nurses.

Each of us is a leader, although we are at different points along the path. It’s always the right time to say thank you to mentors like Carla and consider how you, too, can get involved and be an advocate in gerontological nursing.

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Leaders in Gerontological Nursing: Carla Wells
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